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6.3.07 04:15

6.3.07 04:12

meld mich mal wieder

Yes I know I am not the most frequent writer. But I still think alot about you guys.

So, I gues I should provide you with some more information. today I had to take my FCAT-Science, which was even for me easy.

and than all were freezing to death in that stupid science room becouse some maniac turned down the ac so much that you could not sit still without shivering. When we tryed to turn the temperature up we couldn't because the thermostate was locked.

Here are also some pictures of me and my hostfamily


6.3.07 04:09

29.12.06 05:19

Christn, was just great, I've never seen so many presents and soooooo much food. I got a wonderful cut little mp3-player, which I am already using like crazy. Of course it was raning on christmasday like the world was about to be over soon but the next day we had wonderful wether and we were outside all day. Got a sun teint.
29.12.06 05:13

He Leute ,

wie gehts denn so. ich hab gehoert ihr habts immernoch nich so richtig mit winter do drueben und na ja florida hat eigentlich keienen winter deshalb bin ich noch nicht so richtig im christmasfeeling.

Aha, Froehliche Weihnachten uebrigens das is ja schon morgen fuer euch. ich muss da js noch einen tag warten.  

Hab euch gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnz dolll liiiiiieeeeeb   bis dan mal .

24.12.06 01:52

Oh how joyfully.........

Marry Christmas and a happy new year o all my friends and especially to Nicole an dNadine since I am such a bad friend and didn't write them in a very very long time.....  Also my best wishes to my family and Alina my little hurt sister *I hope your finger will be better soon sweety!* And of course a marry christmas to everybody I didn't mention in here
22.12.06 06:33

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